November 2021 Update

Remember how I said I may be joining in the NaNo fun this year? Welllllllllllllllllll. That didn’t happen, unfortunately.

Life got in the way. Mostly my awful habit to procrastinate, and real stress revolving school and the pressures of tackling tough courses on a full-time course load. Which is why I might be cutting back for my final few courses of my school program. I’m this close to finishing, but I could benefit from scaling back the school work and switching to a part-time intake.

WHICH MEANS that I’ll have more time to write. 🤞

I was able to complete one writing goal for November, so that’s been nice. However, it does mean that December will be busy. But usually I scramble to complete as many goals at the end of the year, that isn’t new.

Let’s break down those goals now:

Finish a partial revision of Harlequin Romance #3 (the One I lovingly call “Kwanzaa Kisses”). I’ve always wanted to write a holiday romance for Harlequin, because I love their holiday themed category books. And as much as I like the festive spirit of Christmas, I thought I could explore a less known but equally fun, family-oriented holiday. Cue Kwanzaa. Hopefully I’ll do it justice.

Finish a partial and synopsis package for a new Super Top Secret Project. I can’t say much about this… Really because I don’t know where it’s headed, or if it will ever make it out of my head. Blame my weird writing process.

Read another 5 books. I’ve got more than 5 books left on my original goal of reading 53 books for the year. I won’t be able to reach my reading goal this year, but I updated it to try and complete what I can before we all ring in the New Year.

And that’s it for November’s update.

One last thing, ICYMI: my second Harlequin Romance is now available for preorders on Amazon (squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x infinity)!! What’s it called, you ask?















Temptation in Istanbul

You can find more details here on my website, or over at the official Harlequin page.

I can’t properly convey what this book means to me. Only that like my first book (Amal & Manny’s story), I loved going on this journey with my 2nd book’s hero and heroine, Faisal and Maryan. One of the favourite parts about the process of writing their story was getting to research the story’s beautiful setting in Istanbul.

I’ll have more nitty-gritty deets as they drop in the coming months, and I’ll post them here and my socials, so please stick around.

As always, I’m curious to know what you think: what country or city do you want to visit most? Drop your comment down below. Love to hear your thoughts!

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