Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023

Boy, it’s been a minute since I’ve blogged. More than a year if my last post is anything to go by.

2022 has been pretty exciting. I published TWO Harlequin Romances this year, and I loved writing them both.

Isn’t his smile to die for??! 😍
AHH! My first female model on the cover and she’s so cute! Tee hee!

As I said, an eventful year for me. I didn’t get as much as I wanted written—I had planned to write 4 books this year, but I managed two, and if we’re counting that’s two more than in 2021. So that’s good enough for me. Though I do want to renew that goal of writing 4 books this year because…who knows, I might actually be able to do it.

My reading goal has remained the same for the past eight years (since I read 104 books in 2014): I’ve been trying to read 52 books or a book a week, and I usually peter out during the first quarter of year. However, I managed a whopping 59 books for 2022. So rather than renewing my goal I’m aiming for 60 books this year. But on top of that goal, I’ve decided to participate in the Read What You Own challenge on booktube. Created by booktube content maker, CriminOlly—you can watch his full video explaining the challenge and why he started it right over here—the TL;DR version is you read what you own before you buy any new books (physical or digital or audio). Of course there’s no hard rules. In fact, you can tailor the challenge to your own purposes. I’ve chosen a reasonable yearly book goal for myself, and I also have many TBR books I’d like to read and donate, so that’s where most of my 2023 reads will be coming from. However, I might also sneak in some Kindle Unlimited reads, Harlequin books (of course!), and library holds I’ve been dying to read. I promise I won’t cheat. 😉

So that’s the reading and writing updates all done. Life update next: I’d like to eat healthier and exercise more regularly. I’m also hunting a new hobby because I can be a pretty boring person and I need something to keep my idle hands busy haha.

To summarize, my big goals to (hopefully!😅) accomplish in 2023 are:

  1. Write 4 books (likely romances because that’s both my jam and my bread and butter right now).
  2. Read 60 books, and as part of the Read What You Own challenge, most of those books are primarily going to be books I already own.
  3. Find a new hobby (outside of baking, playing videogames).

And that’s about it. Sorry for the short update post considering it’s been a while and I could have shared more since I’ve lasted posted. But no worries I’ll be updating monthly from here on out, keeping you abreast on all things Hana. And who knows, maybe I’ll toss in an extra post or two here and again… 😊

Much love,


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