February 2023: where I’m still typing ‘2022’

I can’t believe how quickly January has gone by, but that’s how it usually is with the first month of a new year for me. Winter blues and time whooshing past me, oh and I can’t forget my favourite: still struggling to remember to date things 2023 NOT 2022.

Not much of a big update for the month. I managed to read 8 books (see below for the list), so I’m a few books ahead of my schedule for reading 60 books this year. 🤓 Look at me being the eager little beaver and reading so much. Will this momentum last? Who knows. I’m just luxuriating in the high of cutting down my TBR.

Writing-wise I haven’t completed the WIP I’m working on. It’s a short story featuring my hero and heroine, Bashir and Yusra in my upcoming Harlequin Romance, The Baby Swap That Bound Them.

You’ll get to meet them soon, but I couldn’t let them go just yet, so I decided to skip ahead and peek in on how they’re doing. Fingers crossed I like it enough to share it with you all soon-ish.

I’m still hunting for a hobby, and my current options are crocheting or knitting because I’ve tried both and I know if I apply myself—and fight the urge to rage-quit haha—that I might (emphasis on that) manage to catch the hang of it. And hey, even be good at it…?

Besides hoping that February doesn’t bring its usual coldest weather 🥶, I’m planning to clear through this short story and start a new project. I might even start an accountability thread on socials for said new project whenever I get to it, so stick around for updates on that.



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